An open-source project, originally contract by the Library of Congress …
An RDF vocabulary created by the Library of Congress and " is an initiative to evolve bibliographic description standards to a linked data model, in order to make bibliographic information more useful both within and outside the library community." source:
Blank Node
Catalog Pull Platform
Inspired by the Lean Startup and the concept of Pull Platform, an overarching vision of approaching bibliographic and operational …
A Python web microframework for constructing web applications available at
A statically typed pure functional language, more information at
International Resource Identifier (IRI)
An network referencable resource that includes all URI (uniform resource identifier) and URL (uniform resource location). An IRI can include unicode characters within the addressable string.
Knowledge Graph
One or more RDF graphs that represent an institution's "facts" or information modeled as relationships and entities as IRI
Library Linked-Data
A growing
Minimum Viable Product
A concept from Lean Startup approach to software development, a Minimum Viable Product or (mvp for short) is a product that is implements a
Object (RDF)
A RDF Object …
A persistent digital identifier for researchers located
Predicate (RDF)
A RDF Predicate …
Short for Resource Description Framework a directed graph-based technology and an official specification of the W3C.
RDF Framework
An open-source project sponsored by KnowledgeLinks …
An XML specification for use by websites to provide a list of hyperlinks available for indexing by search engines.
Subject (RDF)
A RDF Subject must be either an IRI or a blank node and represents the resource or entity