Colorado Libraries Share Symposium September 23rd 2016
Collaborative Technology Projects Panel

Colorado/Wyoming DP.LA Service Hub

Jeremy Nelson
Metadata & Systems Librarian
Colorado College

  1. What was your goal for this project?

    The goal of this project is to create a cost-effective and flexible DP.LA service hub for Colorado and Wyoming. The Digital Public Library of America is non-profit that provides a central web site for discovering and accessing freely available material and resources contained in libraries, archives, and museums in North America. DP.LA service hub aggregates metadata and links from libraries and museums in a geographical region to be included in DP.LA primary search portal.

    Under the sponsorship of the Colorado State Library, the proof-of-concept includes participation of the Denver Public Library, Colorado College, and History Colorado digital collections.

    … and why do you feel that the solution you chose was the best way to reach that goal?

    Building upon research and development of a BIBFRAME Linked-Data pilot (initially funded through a contract with the Library of Congress and available at a linked-data based proof-of-concept of a Colorado-Wyoming DPLA Service Hub is available under an open-source license at

  2. What surprised you about the process of developing your technology solution?

    The realization of the promise of open-source Linked-Data bibliographic systems. I believe the easy of modern web, cloud, and NoSQL datastore technologies offers libraries new avenues and opportunities for our applying our new skills, talents, and experience to existing challenges of bibliographic management of our traditional physicals collections of books, periodicals, to new services and collaborations among memory institutions in our communities.

  3. What's next for your project?

    Next week, we are meeting Emily Gore of DP.LA for consulting and preparing for a full pilot by expanding the proof-of-concept to include all of our partner institutions. If you are interested in participating in the Colorado/Wyoming DPLA service hub, please e-mail me at or Leigh Jeremias (ljeremias at of the Colorado Virtual Library.

  4. What advice can you give other libraries who are considering taking part in a collaborative technology project?

    The costs of technologies are decreasing such that libraries can afford to experiment more to improve our own workflows and services. By adopting established open-source technologies and project management techniques like libraries expand the resources and opportunities of our communities.