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(Fine Arts Collection - Internet of Things)

The elevator pitch

Colorado College Library Renovation

Have heard of this project? Pfeiffer Partners is the lead architect, here are their latest public design schemes for the outside & third floor:

Where are the 3rd Floor books?

Not to worry!

One of Colorado College's best book collections (and the least likely to be digitalized) is located on this floor.

Tutt Library's Current Art Reading Room

Some our Library's most interesting, colorful, largest, and expensive books are currently located in the Art Reading Room on the 2nd Floor of Tutt South. There new home is on the 3rd Floor.

Do you see challenges for these books in the new space?

Could IOT be a solution?

A Great Idea would be to development a cheap and affordable IOT (internet-of-things) solution on rapidly improving open-hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

…don't worry I'll provide the library software



Jeremy Nelson
Metatdata and Systems Cataloger
(719) 389-6895

Photo taken at Pycon Japan 2015

source code repository for this presentation.