Focused Topics in Redis Day 3 - #11

Related Technologies

Redis-related Technologies like Salvidore's own Discue provide alternative ways for implementing such things as cluster and messaging using Redis or Redis-related standards.

In this topic …


Twemproxy is an open-source project released by Twitter for creating a caching proxy between a client and backend made up of either Memecache or Redis instances. Twemproxy separates the client calls from the datastore backend through the use of an intermediary middleware that then implements a sharding strategy based on your preferences that are set in a configuration YAML file. Twemproxy supports a twelve different hash functions including md5, crc16, two versions of crc32, four variants of the Fowler-Noll-Vo (fnv), among others with the default being a fnv1a_64 hash functions.


Netflix sponsors Dynomite, is to be able to implement high availability and cross-datacenter replication on storage engines that do not inherently provide that functionality.


Disque is a distributed message broker created by Salvatore Sanfilippo, the creator of Redis. Disque is a message broker with at-least-once and at-most-once delivery semantics.